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Learning to cycle

I recommend David from Richard council. My 4 year old reception boy, Raffy, has never shown any real interest in cycling. We bought him a second hand Isla bike (lightweight) and armed with this Richard came on a Saturday to Palwell common and spent 1.5 hours teaching him to ride: first taking the pedals off, then putting one on at the end, we had tears watching our son ride on his own for the first time. And all for £10!


He also gave Raffy a fluorescent cycle vest and junior Highway Code. We will have follow up lessons. But either for complete beginners or more experienced boys it's a must do! Even have lessons for those parents who may need to gain confidence! 

Lindsey W

Wimbledon Park Watersports Holiday Camps


I know a number of people whose children do these camps regularly and love them, so my son (8 years old at the time) and 2 of his friends did a general watersports course for 4 days.  He loved it, especially the day they spent learning to sail which he said was 'awesome'! It helped that the weather was good that week, but will definitely sign up next summer.


Mel B

Funtech coding and tech camps Richmond


Funtech offers a range of 5 day holiday camps for ages 7 - 16, including Lego robotics,  Scratch coding, Minecraft with mods and touch typing. My son did the Lego Robotics camp last summer and Minecraft with Mods the previous year. He loved both camps and came home each day talking about everything he had learnt and the fun things he had done. On the last day of the camp, parents are invited to see what their child has been doing all week. The camps are expensive so it worth looking out for the early bird offers on Funtech's website.


Mel B

Fulham Football Holiday Camp


This has to win the prize for being the cheapest camp out there!  My son and lots of his friends have really enjoyed these camps a number of times.  I like that you can do the odd day here and there, he enjoys it and frankly its a great childcare option!


Anna C


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