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Parents and staff may list products or services to sell within our local community.  They may also post 'wanted' requests too e.g. discontinued lego, au pair etc.  There is no listing fee, although we accept donations where you feel FOTH has been helpful.  If you would like to post, simply contact us with your listing request below.

Email any photos to

Sell, Sell, Sell...Buy, Buy, Buy!

Harry Potter Lego

Top of 7th birthday wishlist

Now discontinued

Willing to pay competitive rates

May suit Y6-8 boys looking to earn extra cash

Please contact Julia Earl:

Baby sitting duties (weekends and holidays)

My 16 year old son is looking for

extra pocket money.  Very reliable and ex THS.

Based in East Sheen.  

Please contact Julia Coombs:

Let us know what you're looking for and we'll do our best to find it.  We recently paired up a mum wanting a running buggy with a mum who wanted to sell one...job done!


This Season's 'Must Haves'...

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