1920s Fashion by Mel B.




Speakeasy fashion for women is a little dangerous, a little sexy and always fun! Dresses were sleeveless, shapeless, long or short slip gowns accented with hundreds of beads, sequins, fringes, and ostrich or peacock feathers. Beaded or glittering headpieces are a must to pull the 1920s look together.



1920s men knew how to dress and present themselves in the most dapper way possible! Think tailored suit and waistcoats, patent leather shoes, ties and bow ties. The well dressed man never left the house without a handkerchief tucked neatly into his jacket! And don't forget the hat -  trilby, fedora, bowlers, boaters and caps all had their place.


Mel B. is a leading fashionista who has curated the styles of some of the most prominent figures of the decade.