About Us

Friends of Tower House (FOTH) is made up of parents who work together to build a closer relationship between families and the school. We organise a wide range of events and raise money for the ‘nice-to-haves’, which can be anything from traditional musical instruments to the latest technology.

It’s not all fund-raising, however. Our Christmas Fair, for example, is a fun afternoon with an overall goal of giving the children a good time and thanking families for their continued support of FOTH.

Our aim as a group is to organise a busy calendar of events and enjoy getting to know our fellow parents. Individually, we bring skills that range from finance, catering, marketing, graphic design, event organising, and decorating to wreath-making. If you have a skill or interest you’d like to contribute, we’d be delighted to hear from you.

FOTH is led by a Chairperson, a Treasurer and a Secretary. Representatives from each year group (who change every year) work together with this team, meeting at least twice a term.


Recent events we’ve organised have included the fabulous 1920's night, a brilliant 'Game Show' evening, a fun Senior School movie night, our Christmas Fair and the hugely popular Summer Barbecue at the Home Guard.  Whilst we’re lucky to raise very helpful funds at these events, our priorities are also to create fun events for the boys and their families, and to give parents a chance to socialise together.



We often raise money for items that have been specifically requested by THS teachers and the management team.  Recent examples we’ve been able to provide have included a KIT car for boys to build, a digital camera for drama, a state of the art kiln, mega-sized building blocks for reception, outdoor table tennis & football tables, a climbing wall, sports equipment and musical instruments.  We also contribute every year to the school play.


Our second-hand uniform sale is extremely popular and takes place once a term. For details, please contact uniforms@foth.org.uk. 

We always welcome new fundraising suggestions. You can contact us with ideas or questions at chair@foth.org.uk, treasurer@foth.org.uk, fothsecretary@foth.org.uk.  Or just wave us down!

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is a great way to raise money for FOTH just by shopping online. You don’t pay anything extra. 

Our Team


Jane Bhandal



Mel Burgess



Mo El Guindi



Cathy Sutton

Uniform sales co-ordinator

Heidi Hampshire and Simone George

All second hand uniform gratefully received!

The Reps

Two volunteers from each year group

The THS teacher/parent community just simply wouldn't exist without our reps. They work hard all year organising class socials, keeping parents informed and helping at school events!  

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