With your help FOTH are able to purchase additional equipment for all our boys to enjoy and benefit from.  Here's just a few examples...
New for 2017 and 2018

Tower House School Bus

Thanks to your generous fundraising from THS parents, FOTH were able to help secure the purchase of our THS mini bus.

Basketball Nets

FOTH purchased new basketball nets for the Senior School. These have been very well received (and played) by our boys!

The Goblin Kit Car 

Older boys get to build and drive their very own electric car.  What a fun and innovative way for them to take an interest in engineering...while learning about friction, electricity, maths, design technology and of course problem solving and team work! 

The Kit can be built and broken down easily, allowing each year to take part in the project from the start. The process teaches young people key skills which many would not usually have access to, for example the safe use of hand tools.

Sports equipment for the playground

2 outdoor football tables and 3 sets of cricket equipment for the boys to fine tune their skills at break time. Keeping them active and encouraging that friendly competitive spirit.

THS Reception bday party_edited_edited.j

The school play

We also contribute every year to the highly anticipated, sell out event - The School Play.

Our boys are still benefitting from recent acquisitions too...
Here's a few examples, but there have been many more over the years.  
  • Junior School courtyard bench to rest and ponder life whilst waiting for our boys.

  • High tech pottery kiln to allow more creativity than ever with beautifully glazed masterpieces.

  • mega-sized building blocks for reception, outdoor table tennis tables and a climbing wall.




  • 15 violins and 5 cellos to support the music department’s Senior School string project.

  • 22 MIDI keyboards to allow our budding composers to create their own music.


  • Reception garden awning for all weather outdoor play.

  • State of the art white boards.