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Coding: some ideas for your boys


The benefits of coding: For a start, it’s brilliant for exercising their brains, as it develops logic.


This hugely popular platform has over 1,000 coding courses and activities that kids can use to programme and build games and apps. Minecraft fans can make their own ‘mods’ to the game with it too – providing plenty of fun and interest for those in the seven to 14 age group.



An award-winning app that lets children pick up simple coding skills to make art, games, space adventures or simple websites. To do this, there’s no need to type, making it’s super-easy to get going. For either iPads or iPhones.   


CodeSpark Academy with the Foos: 

Little ones from around the age of four to nine years can pick up the fundamentals of programming and then use them to create their own projects all in a fun, safe and ad-free environment. Fantastic for developing key coding skills, such as pattern recognition, problem solving, sequencing and debugging.





Code Club: 

Coding at home can be quite a solitary activity, so if making it more sociable appeals, check out Code Club – a nationwide network of classes for 9-11 year olds. Children will work on a project each week, using one of three languages – Scratch, Python or HTML/CSS.

Coder Dojo: 

Similar to Code Club but with a wider age range (seven to 17), these are also coding clubs run by volunteers and free of charge. Activities might be building a website, app or game with an emphasis on informality and creativity.

BBC Micro:bit: 

This low-cost micro-computer was purpose-designed to get youngsters into coding. It might be tiny – around the size of a credit card – but it still packs enough power for young coding enthusiasts to do some rather impressive stuff with it, from creating games or messages, to programming it for use as a remote control for an MP3 player.

Swift Playgrounds app:

Apple’s Swift Playgrounds app is designed to encourage kids to learn serious coding skills but in a fun and visually appealing way, using the Swift language in a game-like environment. It assumes no previous knowledge and takes children from picking up the basics via solving puzzles, progressively through to more complex tasks.

Recommended by Lindsey Webster a Y1 Parent

Doodle Maths.  


"Designed by leading teachers, DoodleMaths works by identifying your child’s level, strengths and weaknesses, and gradually progressing them at the rate that’s right for them. Just like the reading books your child brings home from school, it’s designed to be used for a few minutes daily."


Recommended by a Year 5 Parent

Dragon Box.  Secretly teaches algebra to your children.

"This has to be the most innovative maths app I've ever seen." 

DragonBox is a fun maths app that can teach children as young as 5 to solve equations by turning algebra into an intuitive and motivating game.  You might not realise that you are learning algebra at first, but you will learn basics such as balancing an equation.


Gale H, Year 5 Parent

Paperless Post.  Custom Cards & Invitations


Paperless Post allows you to create free, beautifully designed invitations, track who is coming, and stay in touch with your guests.  


Gale H, Year 5 Parent

Easyfundrasing.  Never miss a donation.  


There's no need to switch on the computer to use easyfundraising. The new easyfundraising app offers a convenient way to raise free donations on your phone or tablet. It provides all of the excellent features people love about the service.


  • Shop & raise money at your favourite retailers

  • Learn how well your cause is doing

  • See your recent activity and performance


Gale H, Year 5 Parent


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