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Our very own Miss Clark (Reception) is a Star Baker... 
Makes the most amazing birthday cakes 
Offers after school baking classes in your own home 
Creates bespoke baking parties that your child will love
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07828 140 115


Multi-Sport Birthday Party for 4 -13s


"THS' very own Mr Mullan runs really fun sports birthday parties - my son has had a shared party doing this for 1.5 hours and has been to others that his friends have had. How he manages to entertain that many boys for that long with football, games and other sports they enjoy I don't know - but they all love it. It makes for a really fun party (you can have it in the park or another suitable venue) that we followed up with pizza afterwards and had lots of smiling faces all round."  

Anna C, Year 4 Parent



Seb and Wilf (Y2) say "We had an ace party, love the birthday trophies". Oct 16

Harry, Jeevan and Ed (Y2) say they've just had the "best party ever" run by Mr Mullan ...Nov 16

The Jungle Bus Soft Play Party for 2-6s

A great party idea for small kids is the jungle bus.  The kids are all contained in one space and get a good run around at the same time and the great thing was it comes to you and not vice versa.  It was a little pricey at £325 for two hours but not much more than a normal entertainer and then you have to pay room hire!!!  The driver was a little 'cautious' parking it under trees by Palewell Park but once it was in place all the boys had a great time!!!

Their site says for up to 10 year olds but a note of caution for bigger more boisterous children and limited space.

Lise T, Year 2 & Rec Parent

The POD, Soft Play Party for under 11s

Two storeys of softplay madness which you can exclusively hire!  The play area is spacious and varied with slides, climbing and ball pit.  The grown ups have room to sit, chat and drink tea or something stronger if they prefer.  The catering is taken care of too, so all you need to think about is party bags and cake.  You can even download invitations from their site! Jeevan shared the party with two of his class mates so it was only a third of the stress, cost and most importantly meant more weekends free for family time!  

2hrs exclusive hire is £250 which was a good deal, plus £6 per child for food (a little steep but plenty of hot food, plates, cups and drinks provided).   Cheaper / non exclusive hire options available.  


Highly recommended by Jeevan, Ed and Harry aged 6 (at the time)

CONTACT: OR 020 8296 9747

Lower Ham Road, Kingston

Jane B, Year 2 & Rec Parent

Andrew at It's Partabulous put on a brilliant Star Wars themed party keeping the children fully engaged for two hours with Jedi training and light saber action. They do lots of different themes and the Harry Potter one has also been highly recommended.

May the force be with you.

Julia E, Year 2 & Rec Parent

Star Wars Party for 4s and up
Trampolining party for early & nearly teens


If your kids insist on a trampolining party (they terrify me but my daughter wouldn't stop going on about it!) I would recommend Airhop near Guildford.  The safety staff seem much more on the ball than Oxygen in Acton where they stood around chatting amongst themselves when we went (although that may just have been a bad day and this is my personal opinion etc etc).  My daughter and her friends were 12 and loved it.

Anna C, Year 5 Parent

Clip N Climb, Chelsea for 4s to 40 somethings


Just awesome - great fun, completely safe, everyone enjoys it - you can have a table after the climbing for party food. 


020 7736 2271

Anna C, Year 5 Parent

Kidzania for 6 to 16s


This would be an expensive party but the kids adore this as an activity so well worth considering for a joint party or smaller gathering as they get older. The kids try out various different careers during a 4 hour play slot on a normal day (2hr or 4hr slots for parties) and you can go shopping in Westfield whilst they are at it! Both my 9 year old and 12 year old really enjoy this as a special treat. There is a GBK in there so the food (although not the healthiest) is really not bad.


Westfield, W12 7GA


0330 131 3332

Anna C, Year 5 Parent

Kingston Tenpin Bowling Party for 8s and up


"We had a party of 7 children bowling on two lanes, though it felt like a larger party as the entire place is reserved for one big birthday bash.  The kids had two hours of bowling fun, dancing, music, games and prizes. Party hosts led the way ensuring everyone was having fun and getting involved. To finish, the birthday boy was presented with a bowling pin signed by all of his friends.   They all had a memorable time and we had only to supply the children and the cake."  

Gale H, Year 3 Parent


*You can also raise free funds for FOTH by booking a Tenpin party online through easyfundraising.

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