Everyone loves a bargain, a good find and most of all convenience when shopping.  And who doesn't want to hear about a brilliant photographer, school labels that actually work or other great service. So let us help you out!

Wine 0' Clock

To buy wine 


They deliver and have very reasonable great wines. Good for a party. Not a children's though! Although for the parents....

10% discount at Sheen Sports


On the Upper Richmond High Street in East Sheen (next to Rosa's coffee shop) is an excellent sports shop for cricket, rugby, swimming, tennis, football gear and all round trainers! It's run by a friendly and helpful local East Sheen family and if you mention that your son goes to Tower House or plays for Rosslyn Park Rugby Club, you will also get a 10% discount! (They have another shop in Richmond.) 







020 8876 7273


Personalised name stamps that work!

This has got to be the ultimate life hack for parents - personalised name stamps for labelling school uniform. This means no more sewing or ironing labels and the ink lasts wash after wash. Brilliant! The special inkpad should last 2 years if stored in a sealed plastic bag, which is provided. 


If you have trouble labelling school shoes and games kit or boot bags, there is also a white fabric pen available making labelling those items super easy.





Iron on and stick on name labels that work!


Are you tired of looking for items in the lost property box at school but do not fancy sewing on itchy name tags? 

My Name Label has a range of fully customisable iron on and stick on labels that look great and will not come off, even when the clothes are washed at high temperatures or the water bottles have been in the dishwasher. They sell specific luggage and shoe labels as well. Most importantly however: the iron on labels do not itch.

All of the labels you order are delivered by post and come in a handy little pack, so you won't lose the ones you haven't used yet, either.









Pet and Family Photography

Time flies and we are often too busy to stop and enjoy the special moments in life; a stolen kiss, a cheeky grin, a look of wonder, the determination as your dog races in pursuit of his ball or the soft pads of their paws as you snuggle up on your sofa…


Jessica Grange, a talented photographer and friend of Miss Clark (Reception), allows us to recall these moments through her breathtaking photography. 

CONTACT (You’ll see Miss Clark’s adorable pup on the homepage, Kip the Hungarian Vizsla)

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